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Painless Injections?
SofStic Makes It Possible!

SofStic prevents the pain signals from going to your head.

Patients are more likely to get the shots they need — whether immunizations, anesthesia, insulin, allergy serum, or medications — if the injections are "ouchless." They enjoy their best health because they are not deferring or avoiding treatment. If medical professionals can spend less time dealing with immunization avoidance, the general population's health is improved as immunization compliance rates increase.

SofStic offers the medical community the opportunity to administer painless injections.

Medical Professionals can spend less time overcoming patient fear and objections and more time on actual treatment.

Hospitals and Clinics can become known for high-quality treatment and ouchless injections, encouraging patients to come in earlier due to the lack of fear.

SofStic takes the "OUCH" out of injections!

— If you want to enjoy pain-free injections and immunizations, let your doctor know about the SofStic. Or if you prefer, send us your doctor’s name and phone number and we’ll follow up.

There is also a similar product, the Accupal, that dentists use to keep those palatal injections from hurting. We’re pleased to be able to provide that product to dentists worldwide.

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS — SofStic is the perfect way to differentiate your clinic or grow your practice by offering "ouchless" injections! Some of the specialties for which SofStic is a perfect fit include allergists, pediatricians and cosmetic surgeons.

If you are a medical professional who wants to give patients a comfortable way to get the injections they need, contact us today! Just complete the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.

HOSPITALS AND CLINICS — One way to attract patients to your office or institution is to show your special concern by offering ouchless injections using SofStic. Whether you deliver allergy serum, flu vaccines, immunizations or other medications, the more you use SofStic the more your patients will become your best advocates.

We will craft a SofStic program that fits your needs, with a supply of devices and tips that makes sense for the way your institution delivers injections. Just complete the form below and we’ll get back to you soon.

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Dental professionals! SofSTIC's companion product, the Accupal, is perfect for increasing comfort and decreasing fear associated with all types of dental injections! Check it out!